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is offering a Natural Farming and Gardening Course at his homestead on Khula Dhamma Eco Community Farm.                                

This course is being offered to young adults. It will be a small group of young people dedicated to finding another way of living in an uncertain world.
Tim says: “While there will be a focus on Permaculture principles and methods, we’ll be doing this in the context of other disciplines that also seek to work with nature and understand how eco-processes work. We’ll also look at why it is necessary to move beyond the current narrow definition of organic.”
The course is stimulating and engaging. You will work outdoors on the farm and you will watch movies to stretch your paradigms and imagination. You might swim in the farm dam and spend time under the stars at night. You’ll go home stronger and fitter and more tanned then you’ve been the whole summer!
Dates: 23rd January – 3rd February 2012.                                                      Arrive on 22nd and leave morning of the 4th February  
Place: Earth Harmony Homestead on Khula Dhamma Eco Community Farm in the Eastern Cape (60km north of East London)
R2 420 which includes course fee and accommodation.                  Please bring your own vegetarian food.                                                 Some scholarships are available.                                                                                      
Contact Anne Keating at for details.
Anne 072 142 8587                                              Tim 083 287 4308

Recommendations from past participants
"Tim Wigley is a South African Geoff Lawton.                                                                                Immersion in his course was a life-changing experience;                                                                                   10 days exploring assumption-shifting concepts combined with practical hands-on demonstrations in a diverse two-year-old forest garden.                                                                                     If like me you were searching for a guide in the fulfilling and exciting journey of upskilling yourself in the design science of ecologically intelligent interaction with landscape,
I would recommend Tim as a key mentor. "
Bruce Haynes, 23 years old,
Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Fellow, 2011 Brightest Young Minds Alumni,
Botany and Photojournalism Student, Rhodes University.

" Khula Dhamma is a habitat for the soul. I really enjoyed my time
spent woofing there because I was able to zone into my space and feed
off the tranquility of the community. Each day was a new opportunity
to learn about the trade of growing healthy nutritious food, and the
art of simplicity. My thanks to Tim and Anne Wigley, and the rest of
the Khula Dhamma community for an inspiring week amongst the coastal
hills just outside the Kei."

Christopher Harris
Rhodes University

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