Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The road to Kentani

The fact is, I am not writing much at the moment simply because I am busy with this new project and it is turning out to be quite a mission getting everything together. Mulch for one thing, a Gardening Service Business in town cut the grass on the pavement and parks for the Municipality. Eva, the lady from the gardening services told me that there is also something going on at the local School, apparently and Overseas NGO setting up a garden there, will have to go and check it out. 

Anyway, Eva was telling me that they use to burn the grass as garden refuse and suddenly people are fighting over it, there is also a Nursery nearby that want a lot. She will give me some from next weeks cuttings. I also having problems finding old newspaper, apparently they all go back for recycling now. All these are really very positive signs, it means people are starting to re-use stuff and in a good way.

The problem is that I am finding it very difficult just to get things of the ground and I am  not getting any help, as promised.

I also went with Tim to Kentani in the Transkei. He is busy with a food Forest there, on some tribal land.

New food forest with houses in the back

Tea break at Kentani

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Sunrise from our Balcony

The big bang has broken its own back and I am back on track. No idea where that came from, but it sounds good to me.

Sometimes something perceived to be real bad can turn out to be something real good, maybe the only bad thing is the labels we put on things, our perceptions. 

I am not a big fan of Doctors as a rule, sad as it is, a lot of them are nothing more that legal drug dealers, with a chip on the shoulder, obviously that is just my opinion, based on my experiences. We met our local Doctor the other day. He is not your conventional doctor.

I was looking for a place or a project to start in the form of green gardening. Nico, this is the doctor’s name and this is what I will call him from here on. We ended up having to pay him a visit the other day. His rooms are in and old two room schoolhouse, but the property is rather big (with a sea view). He works a lot with the natural healers and Sonoma’s in the area, as I said he is not your conventional doctor.

Vervet Monkey up a tree

The problem with the popularity of natural medicine (they are also much cheaper than your Pharmaceuticals) is the fact that they are being stripped in nature, not by die healer, but by people mindlessly harvesting to sell to healers and nobody is planting. Some of these plants stand a real change of extinction.

Our main aim will be to create a food forest, with a lot of these plants, like the African Potato. Obviously we will be doing it the green way; we are also planning a labyrinth for the more formal veggie garden, perma style.

This is all just in theory at the moment, let us see how thing develop in reality.

A town full of renegade's, that is how somebody described Kei Mouth the other day.