Monday, August 27, 2012


Here is a funny thing. I met Riaan is Segefield, just before he went down to Sedgefield he worked here at Makutsi. Before I moved to Sedgefield, I managed a small farm just outside Stellenbosch. Riaan is now back at Makutsi and I am going back to the same farm near Stellenbosch. It has been an incredible and adventurous journey together, from Sedgefield on the Garden Route to Vaalwater in Limpopo, then to Khula Dhama in the Eastern Cape and so on. It was a five year journey to get back to exactly where we started.

What I like about Makutsi Game Farm (where Riaan works) is the fact that they do not have any green claims, yet they supply their own kitchen (for real) with organic veggies from their massive and well kept gardens. They do not use pool chemicals and they (I do not like this but it is the greener option) hunt /slaughter their own meat, although at least half the Webber Family (owners at Makutsi) seem to be vegetarians.

Here are some photo’s we (Riaan and I) took at Makutsi and surrounding area, I took most of the “tamed” photo’s and Riaan photographed the dangerous animals, Warthogs and Giraffe are not dangerous animals…

 A Massive Baobab tree

Giyani, an area just outside Tzaneen

The end of the Drakensberg mountain range;  looks more like a lion than a Dragon, but maybe I just have lions on the brain at the moment.

Lioness, not looking too friendly

Swimming pool at Makutsi

New born calf, cattle is as much part of the African landscape as the wild animals; actually the lioness in the above picture was photographed while she was “spying” in the cattle.

Giraffes - Kameelperde

Cheetah- Jagluiperd

                                               Guinefowl - Tarentaal

Rondawel (Round Thatched hut) at Makutsi

Saddle up and ride – Riaan

Warthog – Vlakvark

Last but not least, Rhino and birdy friends

Next stop Stellenbosch and Riaan is staying here. 

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