I am not a very good chef at all, I am much better at planting and growing the veggies and then giving them to someone else to create stunning dishes.
So what I do here is to send you to other blogs and websites with great recipes.

  • Here is the first one - MUIZENBERG in CAPE TOWN is home to BELLA VEGAN, a Vegan Restaurant. The "Kitchen Ninja" is called Jen...
Here is the link to her blog, with some amazing recipes

  • Edible Garden is another website full of recipes with and Indian influence, some vegan and some vegetarian.

  • This is a little bit more than a Restaurant, this is a website for travelling Vegans, it gives information about Restaurants, places to stay and more, in various cities across the world. It is still a new project, but a great I idea. 
The Vegan City Guide

The website was started by a friend, Amelia Mulder.