There is no specific order here, just random tips..

* Do not rake up leaves around trees, leave them there for a natural mulch, you do not see trees growing in "clean' soil in nature, do you? It also prevent evaporation of water.

* Fennel does not grow well with most other plants, because it inhibits growth, plant them away from your veggies, unless you want them to be Bonsai size...

* Lemons have a wonderful fragrance and it can act as a replacement for cleaning chemicals used around the house that aren't so environmentally friendly.

* Get a Rain water tank. Rain water is the resource we waste the most, an average house without a water tank misses out on harvesting thousands of liters of this precious and FREE water.

* Horseradish increases the disease resistance of potatoes, plant them together.

* Marigolds are a wonder-drug of the companion plant world, invoking the saying "plant them everywhere in your garden". French marigolds produce a pesticidal chemical from their roots, so strong it lasts years after they are gone.

* If you do not consider yourself a good gardener, try growing some herbs, like Rosemary, Thyme and Oregano, they are really hard to kill and it is always great to have fresh herbs for your cooking. Mostly herbs like well drained soil, in other words not too much water. The exception are mints (spear, pepper etc.) they like wet feet and they are great to plant near kitchen drains, that way they also keep the ants away from the kitchen.

* Runner or pole beans and beets stunt each other's growth, so do not plant them near each other.

* Love Sunflower, have Aphrid problems? 
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