Saturday, May 12, 2012


Things are a bit tense at the moment, I did not finish my supper last night and assumed it to still me mine this morning, then Niki went to work and looked for her lunch. I ate her lunch/my supper for breakfast. That was apparently the wrong thing to do, if you do not swallow it all down in one go you forfeit it, or something like that. 

Colin also keep on talking about his overseas Volunteer that pay him a fortune to work in his garden and stay here, problem is, I am not seeing any of them....

The wind must be blowing in the right direction, I actually  have GPRS on my Internet stick, it normally gives me Edge, which is just another word for super slow internet.  I am putting up some photo's while I can -

Piggy party

Sugar Bird in the kitchen

Afrikaner, flower

Creative art in the kitchen

Riaan is also away at the moment, gone to another interview, you just have to keep on going and keep on trying. 

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