Thursday, May 17, 2012


I watched a bee die today, they apparently only live for a few days, how do we know that those few days are not equal to a thousand years in our time, we do not know how bees perceive time and space. It just sat there, clinging to my mouse, yes my computer mouse and I watched it, a wide open window right next to it, but it would not get of the mouse. Normally bees are rather spirited, this one just sat there and I just watched. Nothing I could do; nothing I could say and it just dies. There was something wonderful and spiritual about the experience, but I cannot quite explain it.

This old  house

After months and months of going nowhere everything is suddenly happening at the same time. It could also be because we eventually decided what it is we want.  I have all the reason to feel good again.  

The last few months have been a case of practice what you preach, all the wonderful stuff about free will and creative power of mind, we needed to completely recreate a future for ourselves and it does look like things are all falling into place. You visualize, you experience the emotions and you just know you will get what you create and each step of the way I am getting better and faster with this. Obviously you also need to do your part; you will never win the lotto if you never buy a ticket. I still make mistakes, I sometimes ask for stupid stuff and there was this little problem with always getting my desire, but always the hard way, it seem to be getting to me easier these days. But that obviously took the realization that I was expecting things to happen the hard way and then changing my mind about it.

Full Moon

I am moving to Zuvuya near Howick in KZN and I am starting to work there on the 1st of June. It is an Internship and I think I am about to experience and learn a great deal in the near future. I will be Organizational Assistant and part of my duties will be to secure Grants for various projects and also to promote the Eco tourism business. The one thing I have realized is that even green business need funding, and as long as there is a monetary system in place, it is really impossible to be completely self sustainable. You might have the most wonderful ideas to uplift your community and make the world a greener and better place, but you are going to need funds.

It looks like I will be hitting the ground running, but at the moment I am still at Peas on Earth and I am still clearing weeds and picking and packing veggies. I am a bit bored with this, but it is all part of what needs to be done and while I am here, I will bring my part.

Zuvuya, or more specifically Rainbow Homestead on the Zuvuya farm, is a sustainability outreach center and the Eco tourism business (Impendle) it is also a community project, but I will tell you more about all that later. I will also be writing the monthly newsletter and then there is a perma culture garden. I am so happy!

As I said, Riaan is away at the moment, he is also going after his dream job, he applied for a position as Assistant Researcher at GVI, and they do research on wild animals and are in karongwe, near Hoespruit in Mpumalanga, let us hope he gets this one.

This will all obviously mean that we will be miles apart, actually about 1 200 km’s (no idea how far this is in miles). I do believe that this can be a good thing; we have been fighting a lot lately, because of the dire and desperate situation we landed ourselves in. The beautiful part about this whole mess is the fact that we are both heading into a direction we really want to go, but we have long term goals and all the things we are doing are in preparation for these plans.

Next stop Zuvuya.

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