Sunday, July 7, 2013


There is a tented camp here, but because there are not always people around, the garden always looks neglected and dry, so we decided to make a Dry garden. What fun! 

We only bought a few Aloes, Impala Lily's and Bulbine, the rest of the plants and rocks and tree trunks where all “harvested’ from the surrounding area.

The canvas

Another thing I got was a big pile of red sand, in the left corner, I needed the sand for the plants because this soil is very sandy, not what Aloes and other succulent like.

Just brainstorming, going with the flow and asking the plants where they want to be...

Getting there.. the red sand also became a feature in some of the beds, it works so well with the greens and other reds from the Aloes

Then there are some darker beds, with Mother-in-law's tongue and mostly Impala Lily's, but the Lily's are still very small, they will make a beautiful  pink and white flower, like in the picture below and they need almost no water.

Impala Lily

Hard at work...

Adding some detail, this bed is right in the front and I decided to keep in simple and low, otherwise you miss the Aloes and other pretty stuff behind it

Looking very different...

The center space. 
Everything in this bed, rocks, trunks and plants, came from the surrounding area, even the sand.

A more completed center area

To the left of the door and on the way to the tents

Looking good and getting there..

Towards the back, we found a perfect trunk to serve as a seat right at the back of the garden

Some details at the back, those bones once belonged to a Giraffe and the Aloe survived an attack from a herd of Elephants, so I though they deserve a special place.

Completion, for now...

Back to the bush....

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