Saturday, November 12, 2011


My Mandala

Yesterday was 11:11:11, but actually if you take the whole date, 11/11/2011, it really adds up to 8. According to some sources the shift or re-alignment or opening of star gates, (all depends on who you talk to ) already started somewhere in October. That being said, we had a communal supper last night and 11 people showed up, it was not planned that way, it just happened.

I do believe a shift of some sort is taking place, whether just in human consciousness or on a cosmic level or maybe the two goes hand in hand. 

I have never been big on Numerology, Astrology, Tarots etc.  I think they can be very useful tools to find direction in certain situations, but if it starts ruling your live and you cannot get out of bed before you have read your cards or Astrology for the day, (I have seen this happen to people) it becomes a sad state of affairs and almost a kind of “religion” and where is free will in all of this?

So, I have never taken any of the above to serious. I did have my numerology done a couple of years ago, actually what caught my attention where the amazing Mandala’s this lady (Rosalind Pape) designs. She works out your personal numerology, each number corresponds to a certain color, and she then paints you a personal mandala, using your personal numbers/colors. I love my Mandala, I do feel connected to it, and sometime I use it as a focus point when I meditate. 

You basically have four different numbers, a life path number, a destiny number, a soul urge number and an expression number. Well, here is my little secret, I have two master numbers, both 11’s and then there is an 8 and a 4 in the mix. This apparently mean that I am quite spiritually orientated, which I am, but I am also just human. I have also seen far too many spiritual people with massive egos, just because they have good numbers or healing hands or whatever, happens so easy and I don’t want to go there. Funny thing this, the “O so spiritual” ones with the big ego’s, total contradiction actually.

Two new permanent residents also arrived last night, part of the 11 for supper. Nicole and Fabian, they are very much into raw foods and I cannot wait to learn more, the one big advantage of raw food (apart from the health aspect) it the lack of dirty pots and pans, I just love that idea…

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