Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Haga Haga beach, on the way to a full moon picnic on the beach

Riaan in his birthday outfit

It was Riaan's birthday and a full moon and perfect weather, so we had a full moon picnic on the beach. Anne baked us a cake and we used big banana leafs for plates.

As I have mentioned many times before, one of the changes of living in paradise is the fact that you are still part of planet earth and you still need to earn some money. Actually, lot of people would love to create an income from home, using their computer, but you always need a website and then you need a registered domain name, there are some cheap (and they look cheap) ones available, then I came across this -

You might or might not have noticed that my address has changed, I am so happy about this and you can still use the old address as well. My address used to be 
now it is

Actually I can use both, with gives me double exposure on the search engines.

Look so much better! You can essentially turn any basic blog, like Google blog into something that looks a lot more like a website and it is really free.  The only “catch” is that you have to put a back-link from your site to their site; I do this with the greatest of pleasure. You will see their advert to the right of my blog or just click here - www.freedomain.co.nr - I love free stuff!

The other great advantage here is that you pretty much get the name you want, I tried chasingthegreendragon on Google blog and there was already another 1 000 in existence, now I have the name I want!

We had a massive storm last night, some broken windows, lots of trees blew over and poor Greg, our new volunteer flooded. He was in one of the Rondawels (round thatched hut) near the house.  Somehow the cement bit at the top of the thatch roof cracked and the rain poured into the Rondawel. Greg is now temporarily living in the house.  All and all we welcome the rain, it was really very much needed, but I would be nice if it does not go from extreme to extreme.

Gregory in his Rondawel before the big flood

Our other new volunteer, Pascal Meienberg (he is Swiss) is having problems with thousands of spider eggs, about to become thousands of little spiders, in the thatch roof of his Rondawel. Spiders are our friends; we have mutual enemies like, mosquitoes and flies, so we try not to kill them. Pascal is being very brave and he leaves the place, window and all wide open so that, when the babies hatch, they can just blow away in the wind. I must add that these are Rain spiders and they are very much harmless, we probably would have had to make another plan, if they where the dangerous kind.  He just told me “every time I turn my pillow there is another spider”.  He has now decided to sleep in his tent until the spiders are born and gone.

Pascal looking the part

They both seem to be taking it in good spirit, laughing and joking about it. 

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