Friday, December 16, 2011


Joy making the biggest bowl of Pesto

It is interesting to see how people get all creative in the kitchen, pesto making (my favorite) and I make a mean one, although I must admit that my last attempt was not that good, a bit bitter, but Pascal made a rather spicy pesto that was really special.  The problem with me is  that I normally just throw together what I have and sometimes it does not work and when it works you can normally not remember exactly what the ingredients and quantities where.  The one thing I did find out is that pumpkin seed are a very nice addition and makes the Pesto creamier, especially it you do not  have Pine kernels. I also love Rocket in pesto, gives it that extra bite.

I have also noticed that the Pizza oven is being used quite regularly lately, big bread baking business. At the moment it is Joy and Greg living in the house and it reminds me of our bread baking days, but we eventually decided to keep this for special occasions because it is a rather pricey business (well, the type of breads that Riaan like to built in any case) and it is also quite time consuming, never the less fun to experiment with.

Come to think of it, maybe I should be super nice and give you my Pesto recipe, but I will have to make it myself again, seeing that the last batch was not so good, but I think it was because the Basil has already flowered, lots of plants go bitter when and after flowering. Maybe we should rather ask Pacal for his recipe..

Pascal making his Pesto

Riaan is still away and I am spending less and less time in the house and the garden, I have so many of my own thing to try and sort out. As much as this was mostly a fun learning experience we are right now in financial troubles, this lifestyle is not cheap, that we are finding out the hard way!

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