Sunday, December 18, 2011


Building in progress at the Retreat accommodation.

It seems like our days at KD are coming to an end soon.

We would have liked to move on before the Vipassana meditation started, we will not be able to charge any laptop or phones in the  house during the period of the meditation (the house will be used as accommodation) and that will be very difficult. The problem is that we waited too long (beginning November) to look for other permanent accommodation in Kei Mouth or Morgan’s bay. 

We have so many plans, the flyers for the walking trails are ready and we are ready to go, then this morning (cherry on to) we have a flat tire. Actually the flat tire probably saved our lives, it is actually a lot more than just a flat tire, the whole steering is skew, and we will only be able to make work of this on Monday and we are smack bang in the middle of Xmas/festive holidays.  All because of these roads, so now we are temporarily car less as well. Just to make it clear, I am not blaming anybody for the state of the roads, besides the biggest problem is the 8 km from the gate to the tar road that leads to the M2 highway. 

This puts all our plans in suspension, but this morning Shaun smsed Riaan to come and see him (Shaun and his family lives in and owns a Restaurant in Morgan's bay) and I have a feeling this is going to be good news, he did say something about maybe having a caravan for us to use until after season. If we can live there, we can work there. Riaan hiked though to Shaun. We will be fine without a car, for a while, if we actually stay in Morgan’s bay.

I hope everything will be ready in time for the Vipassanna meditation, but from what I hear these guys and girls are not here for a 5 star holiday and they have dealt with much worse in the past (the retreat area is still a work in progress). Somewhere between 20 and 30 people will be meditating for 10 days, obviously with time to eat and etc. in between. The people meditating do not really talk to each other; the whole experience is a very personal and inner affair.

Communal Kitchen far from complete

This is all very interesting and there are a lot of wonderful things being told about people that attends these sessions. I also like the idea that you do not pay for the course, you can only donate afterwards. That makes it accessible to everybody.

KD is busy putting together a new vision and I think this is very important, because after 6 months here, I am really not sure what the medium or long term goal or vision is. I do know that there is a very strong Buddhist orientation and there is the more practical side of things, like the perma culture and an honest attempt, by some to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

I have also learned that I am not really the community type, far too much of an introvert. Now people understand the term introvert wrong, it does not mean I am shy, it simply means that I am less social, I love my own company (and talking to myself) and I am happy that way. Then you get extroverts, they are not necessary the ones with the biggest mouths, but they need the company of other people constantly, they need to share their feelings and these sort of thing freak out the introvert.  Neither is wrong or right, it is just different and very often misunderstood.

I do feel sorry for Nicole and Fabian’s loss, (lots of Euro’s and passports got stone from them) but this is at a point of ridiculous. I told you they went to see a clairvoyant, and then based on what this person said every single black (yes people only the black people) where fingerprinted (so far no results). I feel so sorry for Meduna and his family, It would have been fair if everybody living here where fingerprinted, including the two accuser. Do these two people have any idea what sort of rift they could have created?

Do not be fooled, you need money to be green; it is actually rather expensive to be green, especially in the beginning.

I say a big thank you to Tim and Anne, because they are genuine people with good intent and they work very hard. We never really got to know Ole and Zanele, they were just never here, which turned out to be a big blessing. KD was fun, but when they returned from their European trip, it turned into Buddhist boot camp.

The couple with four children which was suppose joint the community and stay in the main house also had one meeting with Ole and Zanele and left the next day....

Kevan is cool and so is pretty much everybody else we met here. I also no longer think all American are Obese and brain dead, thanks to some wonderful American Volunteers we met and I will miss Caroline, the crazy Frenchy, as Riaan calls her.

We will probably be back after the season, but I will not be to stay, it will just be to get our car and our lives sorted. This also means we have some explaining to do to Lucky and Lua, regarding the kitchen we where suppose to built for them, but I am sure they will understand that this is a matter of survival.

KD is trying, there is still a lot to be done, there are a lot of challenges, but there is also growth and good intent. Get the vision out and go for it…

I wish you all love and light and the ability to stay in the moment.

Thank you for an enriching experience.

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