Thursday, December 22, 2011


Vincent and the Pizza Oven

I want to tell you about the interesting connection between KD and Yellowwood, in Morgan's Bay. Two of the finding members of KD, Yan and Alex stayed here in a Tee Pee, in the Camp site, before they bought and moved to KD. They are both Buddhist and vegetarian and they built a Pizza oven here on the premises. This oven is still here and it is still karma free, meaning no meat has ever been cooked in it. It is a lovely wood burning oven under a sort of a Lapa. You can add some meat afterwards, if you absolutely have to or you can order from the other restaurant, which does all the other food.

We are now staying in a loft room above the Restaurant, this is obviously just for the season. We are really grateful for this space because it makes it possible for us to work and earn some much needed cash.

We have the whole of next year to properly plan and execute the walking trails and all our other plans, right now we have a car to fix, amongst other things. 

Yellowwood is basically two Restaurants and a Camping site, all in one. Right in a forest on the bank of a (small) river. 

The Pizza Oven Story

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