Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Get it?

A friend of mine asked me a while ago whether I might be depressed without realizing it. This made me think. Actually no, I am not depressed; I think I have just reach a stage of melancholy. I just do not want to care anymore.

I have come to a few harsh realizations over the last couple of months.

Firstly I do not think we have to worry too much about planet earth; she will keep on spinning long after we are gone. We might be contributing to global warming and all that, but the planet and the universe also goes through natural changes, I think we are maybe helping to speed up the process, but things will change, with or without our “help”.

Then you think you will be fine if you can just look after yourself and make sure you can survive when there are shortages of food etc. This is another big joke, if you are self sufficient; you will probably be one of the first targets when anarchy breaks out. So what is the point exactly?

Then, on a whole other level we have this whole NWO scary stuff and I do believe that there are a few families on this planet with far too much power and money, absolute power absolutely corrupts. I have always wondered why that is, but is does seem to be the norm. We have had so many political systems, like Communism, Socialism and the biggest joke of them all, so called Democracy. All of these failed us, not because there is anything wrongs with any of these systems, in theory, but in practice we always ends up with Psychopathic puppets for leaders, regardless of the system.

It is an absolute reality that the few rich are getting richer and the rest are getting poorer and our wonderful democratic system makes sure that this happens, yet we keep on voting like a bunch of sheep. The truth of the matter is that we have no say, money and power has the first and final say, in all matters.

I do believe in free will, but the extent of your free will depends on your bank balance, just a fact. Even living a cleaner and greener live is expensive, harsh reality, only the rich can afford it. This is what we have created, this is what we accept, I have to agree with George Carlin “people are f&^%en stupid” and that includes me.

Between nature playing havoc and money being the Alpha and Omega in everything and having “elected” leaders making decisions based on corporate interest, we are in a pretty big mess here. Still, at least half the population of the planet has no idea what is going on. I so wish I was one of these people, ignorance is bliss!

When I started realizing all this, I started hating money, very wrong thing to do. That is the quickest and easiest way to push it away from you, especially if you see yourself as a “good” and money as ‘bad”, how do you bring the two together? The fact remains we need money, we helped to create this system, so deal with it. Money is simply pieces of paper with value and you can do good or bad with it, it is simply a choice.

Now I am going to throw a big spanner in the work and say we absolutely deserve what we get. It will not be pretty but it is simply cause and effect. How many innocent lives do we take on this planet every day? I am not just talking about human lives here; I am talking about the masses and masses of animals we so happily and readily butcher and eat and via this process we feed food for human to cows and we also end up with starving people. Do you honestly think this will have no karmic effect? We mass murder to stuff our (already) fat faces, we have no compassion, yet we expect compassion?

Unfortunately there are those religious nuts that actually believe god made these beautiful creates for us to eat; I find it hard to have compassion with that kind of stupidity!

We are as much fodder as the animals we eat; we are also animals to be “eaten” and the poorer you are the more likely you are to get eaten. We get what we hand out and as long as we keep on abusing the abuse will come back.

So here is my conclusion, make money, make lots of it, but get out of the conditioning of “find a job”, there are no job, you have to create like a Magician. 

Forget about those things you cannot change and change those you can, old news really, but that is really all you can do. Be the change you want to see and clear your karmic slate. This is now all about self love, it is about me, myself and I and the ones I love (that includes all animals) hopefully I do not turn into the next Dictator, but how are you going to make the world a better place if you cannot even change your own pathetic little reality?

I will be the first one the sing and dance when this system collapses or planet Earth shakes us all off, but that can take another 50 years or more and in the meantime I have to live and I still want to live green and clean and that is expensive.

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