Saturday, January 14, 2012


So we are back at KD for another while. As I mentioned in a previous post, we never really got to know Ole and Zanele, because they were in Europe most of that time we were “house sitting” here at KD, they are now back.

There was a very long meeting last night. KD is trying to get their vision formulated and out, the Website is also getting a face lift. These meeting have turned from fun and informative into seriously tedious affairs with long monologues.

Most of the meeting was spend (again!) on the sign at the gate and issues surrounding that. Should it stay or should it go or should we just change the wording. 

The sign 

There are two takes on the whole thing; one is that you should tell people what you stand for and that is it. The other train of thought would like to create growth and how do you grow if you are already suppose to be perfect? I tend to agree with the last one, but if they really do not want anybody to drink, smoke, use other drugs or eat any meat, it is going to be difficult if you do not make it clear from the beginning, because a smoker for example is not going to suddenly stop, just because you say so. Though one but I think KD will save themselves and everybody visiting a lot of trouble if they make this very clear, although then we are back full circle, how do you grow if you are suppose to be perfect, maybe change the name? Khula Dhamma means "to grow on the path to awakening".

The only problem is that people that are willing and eager to live this lifestyle are normally strong headed, eccentric individuals with issues about being told what to do. A bit of a catch 22.

There are these issues, but then again, nobody living here are quite perfect, I mean we all try and where one might fail, the other might succeed. There are a lot of European members and they obviously fly to Europe and back, sometimes up to twice a year and that is not green at all.

Another thing that comes into play is the vegetarian and vegan products, which are very often imported and it is a simple fact that eating locally produced meat, in smallish amounts is greener that importing all your Chickpeas from India, or wherever. There is also an issue surrounding eggs, is it meat of not? Some say yes and some say no. Isn’t this, maybe a case of taking the broomstick out of your own eye before ripping other people’s sprinters out?

I still think this is an amazing space and I have met wonderful and stunning people here and we have learned a lot. One thing we have certainly learned is that a lot of  things are not as green as you might think them to be and what one person find disgusting, another might find quite acceptable.

We will be moving on as soon as we found a place in Kei Mouth, hopefully by this weekend. 


  1. Seems like KD still has its grip on you. I hope your plans for moving to Kei Mouth works out. How was the rest of the holiday season and the visit from your son? Really missing you guys. - Joy

  2. Hi Beautiful,we have already moved, this is a bit old, but thanks for caring....