Saturday, January 7, 2012


Morgan Bay Beach, out of season

Hallelujah, Xmas is over and so is the insanity of New Year. Now live can go on as normal, whatever normal is.

By the way, we are at KD again, we did work in Morgan Bay over the peak season and stayed there, made some money and sorted our car. We can still stay at KD for two months and built a kitchen, but the fact remains, if we do that  we will  have to buy a different vehicle, like a bakkie (pick-up truck) or we will have to move to Kei Mouth. Morgan Bay is also not much of a permanent solution because the roads there are as bad as the roads here. 

We simply cannot stay here and hope to survive, that is the bottom line. We can also not drive this road everyday and hope our car will survive.

The last few weeks have been a rough ride. Not all went quite as planned, but we got through it and maybe someday when I feel like totally depressing everybody, I will tell you this story.  When we made the decision to go and work at Yellowwood, we were thinking from a space of fear, we ran very short on money and then our car broke and we panicked, neither of us belongs or should go near the Restaurant business ever again. Been there, done that, time to burn the T-shirt.

I must admit Yellowwood Forest is a very beautiful spot, here are some photos:

Inside or outside

The Tree Pot Restaurant Entrance

Feasting between the faeries

Dave, our partner in crime at Yellowwood, 
he is from England and volunteered for the summer

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