Friday, April 20, 2012


Sign at a local Restaurant

That is where we are heading next, to Peas on Earth.  The owner is a couple called Niki and Colin and they have a small Organic farm. I am ecstatic to be going back to “farming”. 

The farm is about 30 km outside of Kei Mouth, so it is not a major move; just down the road and Kei Mouth will still be our “local” town.  I do like Kei Mouth, it is an eccentric and off the wall kind of place full of characters of note, but I am a farm girl by heart.

The harsh reality is that the small towns are ghost towns out of season. I have to say that I do see myself as a bit of an expert on living in small towns.  You either come here to retire, with money already made or you have an existing business, like a Food Zone or the Bottle Store. It is real hard to actually find work and the population is too small to really sustain any kind of year round business. It is a beautiful place with lovely weather and long beaches and lush bushes and fresh air and all those things, but it can become hell in paradise.

Paradise lost?

I also applied for a position as Organizational Assistant at a place called Zuvuya/Impendle   (Organic farm/Self sustainable farm and Eco tourism). I made it past the first round, filled in a questionnaire, that was two days ago and I haven’t heard from them since. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

It takes a lot of organizing the keep things running smooth; basically a lot of these communities are also businesses. It takes commitment and lots of planning to keep things on track. It also needs funding and a Perma culture garden. I say perma culture because it is a whole system of self sustainability, not just a matter of growing food for profit.

Peas on Earth and Impendle are both small Green Businesses. I have spoken to Colin and he knows that if the Zuvuya happens I will be going, simply because they also have the Ecotourism side, but for now, it is me and the Peas.

We are moving the end of the month.

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