Monday, June 11, 2012


Sam in the kitchen

It is freezing cold and apparently it snows every year. I have ordered some snow for my birthday in July.

The wind is howling outside and it is blowing away the little bit of connection we have, but never mind, we are going into Howick this week, to the WESSA Office and they have Wi-Fi and I can get a lot done in one day at high speed. 

We are also upgrading the whole solar system, 6 new batteries arrived last week and the new panels will hopefully be here next week, in the meantime we are also a bit low on power. This does mean that a lot of other things are suddenly happening.

 Everybody seems to be in cleaning mood, Aumji tackled the shed and found a Puffadder, amongst other strange things, Sam and Shine and the kids where sorting through clothes and I braved the communal kitchen. A bit early for spring cleaning but maybe we all feel the need to shift some energy.

I start my morning by visiting the horses, I can honestly not think of a better way to start a day.

Some of my new horse friends

Gardening is a whole different ballgame, we actually have seasons! No more Paw Paw’s and Banana’s, now it is all Cherries and Berries. There is a surprising amount happening in the garden for this time of the year, but according to my calculations not nearly enough to get us through the winter. We will have to see.

Riaan came along to look at work options in this area. I do not think he will stay for long, he has pretty much made up his mind that Eco living is not for him.

 I am playing “landmeter” and is in the process of mapping (to scale) the whole area surrounding the homestead. The reason for this is because we are planning on extending the garden with new bed and it is always wise and a very good idea to have a map and do some decent planning before you start acting, it is much less labor intensive in the end of the day. This whole mapping business has been fun and frustrating at the same time, I was taught how to take proper measurements when I did the Estate Agent thing, but I have never been good with sums and figures (even basic ones) it makes my brains hurt or maybe that is just my imagination.

Yurt building team, Aumji, Shine and Sam

There is also some Yurt building going one, we are expecting more Volunteers soon and we are a bit short on accommodation so a plan must be made. This is probably the quickest way to create warm and comfortable living space. I will tell you more about this whole process and how to "africanize" a Yurt at some later stage.

Over and out for now, need to save some power…. 

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