Friday, August 24, 2012


I feel like a Ping Pong ball.
Before I bounce off again, here are a few ironies about my whole Eco community experience.
  • 1.   One of the major factors in Eco communities is to supplying the community with food, without supporting commercial agriculture; the irony is that I went hungry at times.
  • 2.   Another idea behind the communities is to create freedom from a suppressive system, yet at times l felt like nothing more than a slave.
  • 3.   There is also apparently an attempt at looking at the forms of governance that enslave people, but quite frankly, these communities are run more like dictatorships. The money always has the last say.
  • 4.   It is suppose to be a peaceful lifestyle, with less fear, yet I have never been so worries about my possession, the few I have left.
Why is it so very difficult to create community? This is a question Kate (an American Volunteer) and I debated. The fact is this, as long as there is money and a monitory system, there will be slaves and masters, I will bet you anything that if I had money to invest at any of these communities, I would have been treated very differently. In a sense I was lucky not to have money, I might actually have invested and that would have been a big mistake.
I do admire the attempt but sadly the community and sustainability situation in South Africa is still in infant shoes.
I also do know that it will be very unfair of me to judge all communities according to what I have seen, this is just my experience.
Be in the moment. That is the one thing I have learned and partly mastered in the last year. The last years has been tough on the  body, but it has also been a spiritual journey, but then everything can be a spiritual journey. The “ be in the moment” started at KD with the Buddhist meditation, which I still think is to “religious” for my liking, but it opened that “be in the moment” door. Then at rainbow I met Aumji and he introduced me to Eckhart Tolle and The Power of Now. I also watched some of the Oprah book club footage, from his other/newer book (can’t think of the name now). I use to see old Oprah darling as a Presstitute, haven’t seen any of her stuff in about 3 years. This lady changed tremendously (or maybe I changed and stopped being judgmental?), she owns her own media company, which means she is not owned by the big media.

Riaan and I also develop the habit of telling each other to “come back”, when the ego took over, this is a great help. Without this “tool” I do not think our relationship would have survived the last year. I am so blessed to have such
wonderful partner.
This “be in the moments” thing is the first step in the creative process, you start creating “in the moment”, Awareness of the moment and the now, what you are thinking and how you are reacting. Is it ego or It?
Thank you for all the people involved, you played your part as I played mine in this wonderful cosmic dance we call life. There were some great times and wonderful experiences, but some made me mad and some made me sad, but especially the ones that made me mad, they helped me to practice to stay in the moment. Okay, I failed once or twice, right here at the end of my stay at Rainbow, the ego got the better and I actually shouted at Samantha.
The anticipation is worse than the actual event. When we worry, we are not in the moment, we are normally somewhere in the feature and we are “creating” negative outcome. Then you drive yourself insane and make yourself sick with worry and then the joke, that “bad thing” never happens, but you still went through all the anxiety and stress, as if it happened. The other extreme, we often spend so much time fretting and regretting the past, which we cannot change, which makes this act pointless and an energy thief.

Chasing the green dragon, that is the name of this blog and like all dragons, including myself, the dragon is a wonderfully magical creature, but it is also a just a myth....

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