Friday, August 10, 2012


Ying Yang house

This is about the coldest I have ever been in my entire live. The world is white, wet and windy and I simply do not have the clothes for this sort of weather, at least I have Water boots!

I basically need two resources to do my jobs (market the Eco-tourism and work on proposals), namely power and internet and some quiet office space is always nice. None of these are supplied by the Homestead anymore, there was an incident with a guy that came around and took panels and parts from the solar system, I do not know the fact around what and why, so I am not going there. The fact is I now have an arrangement with Kevan, he has a cabin here with solar and all and he is not here for most of the time. He kindly allows me use his power and space. Then there is the internet connection which I am now paying for myself, because I hate the stress and bitching every time I use a bundle or two, but get the name and brand out there! The WESSA things is also just not happening, I have been able to use their Wi-Fi only twice so far. I built a website for the Rainbow homestead and all I get is a bitching about the bundles!

Kevan's Cabin / my Office

Yes, I am being a bit of a bitch myself today, but yesterday was the cherry on top! I am in my freezer (caravan) with Hella and Eloir (both volunteer with Dale), trying to get over the shock of the blizzard and snow happening. This is only the second time in my live I am experiencing snow, you can keep the stuff! Anyway then I realize it is dripping all over my bed and into some of the cupboard space and while I am trying to get over this new shock of a wet bed and clothes in this weather.

Samantha shows up and carries on and on and on about the fact that it is working hours and I am wasting her time and money (generator was running and everybody was charging stuff and seeking warmth in the house, which is also the office, which is also the schoolroom, which is also the kitchen….). so apart from the fact that I do not have power, unless the generator is running, which happened for the very first time yesterday, I also have to make do with whatever space available, no proper work space, unless I go to Kevan’s place. 

Then I am extremely confused about this whole "working hours" thing, it seems to be 24/7, because meeting happens all the time, whenever the mood takes Samantha,  any time of day of night, so maybe they should rather be kept during working hours too, seeing that there is such a thing?

Shine came to help me lower the roof and water proof my freezer and Thina (another resident here at Zuvuya) kindly offered me a dry bed for the night. Thank you ThIna and Shine for showing some community spirit.

I think the balance got lost somewhere. My to do list is endless and growing by the day and on the other side there is non-existing resources to perform these tasks, so the expectations become unreasonable.  I was never under the impression that there will be unlimited internet and plenty power, but there is a difference between limited and none… 

I also use my laptop for work and them I get the one hour left on my battery to do my stuff, like writing this blog. There is a laptop here, but it is one of those miniature ones and already Shine and Sam are both using that.

Blazing Blizzards, took this photo through the window, to scared to go out...

We are all dealing with extremes at the moment and I am aware of the fact that Samantha is also taking a lot of strain, we are all on top of each other and it gets to much and they are sacrificing a lot of their private space for communal space and I know this is testing at the best of times, I have been the other side of this situation, in the house at KD.

I do believe in the Volutourism project, I love the idea and everything is in place, we just need the volunteers. I managed to secure us a month long advertisement (free because we are a NPO) in the Online Guardian newspaper in the UK, we got twelve inquiries in two days, now we just have to get them here… this creates income for me, the homestead, individuals and home owners in Impendle and it also benefits the schools.

I am also in the process of registering the Voluntourism program on various websites and updating existing ones. All this is done with personal internet, own computer and power from Kevan. Thank you Kevan for showing community spirit and helping a desperate person to at least get some productive work done.

I agree with Evelyn, horrible stuff!

The above was all written last night and this morning it is still snowing, remember I said I asked for snow on my birthday, well the snow came exactly a month later, 8 August, be careful what you wish for!

There is still a blizzard blowing, everything is shaking and the roof of the whole Tree nursery collapsed from the weight of the snow and before we could actually do a damage assessment, the half built yurt blew over and fell on top of the already destroyed roof of the nursery. Dale’s shoe workshop is under water, Thina’s balcony collapsed and there are two big fallen trees blocking the road.

Kate (US Volunteer) and Oriah facing the forces

Shade net on top of trees and Yurt on top of shade net..

We adults are feeling frustrated and cramped up and taking it out on each other, but the horses and the children actually seem to be enjoying the crazy weather. I must admit, I enjoyed taking photos of all and everything in the snow. I did not sleep at Thina place last night, but I will probably be sleeping there tonight because some more melted snow got into the caravan and now it is all good and damp and the window got broken by a falling branch.

Now this is a winter garden

We were going to go to Impendle and do the Home stay with Zanele, at her house (that is now Kate, one of our volunteers from Columbia USA and me), but because of the madness in weather and two trees across the road, this is not going to happen this week. I am looking forward to this visit. I am marketing the whole eco-tourism, I should experience it myself. It will also be great to meet Zanele.

Horsing around 

At the moment the closest compost toilet is closed to be cleaned and now I have to walk up the hill and almost out the gate, but it is all good, I call it my long walk to freedom….

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