Saturday, October 13, 2012


I saw this at the Joostenberg farm stall/shop/grocer and nursery.

I think it is a brilliant idea.

When you top screaming and shouting for long enough, you start hearing the inner voices.
This “be in the moment” thing gives you serious power over emotion, you stop before you act and you have time to decide how to react. Let the ego go, just say no! Return to a space of love, recognize that it is your emotion/ego that is the problem; not the person or the situation.  It is simply your perception.

When you do not react in fear (past) or anxiety (future) but stay in the now (come back), you overcome the ego, that greedy and conditioned monster inside us all. You let the IT decide (Inner terrestrial).

Take a deep breath and be aware of what is around you, that is the trick, well my trick in any case. Look, really look at the flowers on the table, the dog at the door. You can train yourself to do this; it becomes a habit, like everything else.  I just realized that I am heavily borrowing from Eckhart Tolle, but there are just so many ways you can put a thing and he manages to translate ancient wisdom to the masses so he is also borrowing.

I am also well aware that this is all much easier in theory than in practice.

Now the universe has decided that I need to get this right and I need to get this right fast. I am dealing with such a mean and seemingly hart-less individual. To hate him and get angry is just so easy! I understand why I had to come all the way back to Stellenbosch. This was definitely unfinished business. I have definitely grown tremendously on a spiritual level.

Here is another interesting thing. I obviously need to create income. Normally my first thought would normally be to find a job. This time my first thought was what can I make and sell and how can I use my skills to create income? I broke a pattern there. 

Also at Joostenberg. I will tell more about Joostenberg in the next article.

I am an intelligent person, but I do find it impossible to sit down and study, it kills me! Therefore I have never really studies for a skill that can create a decent income. I have lots of diverse skills; I know that, it is time to use these skills to my own advantage. I would so love to go back to Hoedspruit, but that is a whole other story, more of a longer term plan, I love that African bush, tropical fruit, wild life and stunning hot weather. Before I can go back, I need to earn some cash.

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