Tuesday, October 21, 2014


The second one in the Walk on the wild side pictorial...
Birds and bees .. and other insects.

I have to explain that I am no bird or insect expert, so I take no responsibility for the correctness of the names of birds and insect species, sometimes I only know the Afrikaans name.

These are just photos taken in and around the organic garden at Makutsi Safari Springs.

Kingfisher on a wire

Some kind of bee "tasting" a Marigold

Another bee type creature playing in the Basil flowers

Citrus flutter-by

Loeries up a tree

It is for real, it is called a Fools gold beetle for obvious reasons. They love the leaves on the Sweet Potato plants and seeing that I do not want the leaves, only the Sweet Potatoes, they are most welcome.

Corn party!

Caught in the act! Shongololo. They mostly eat composting plant material, which makes them welcome in the garden, but every now and then one gets a bit ambitious or besides it needs a change in diet or something, they also seem to nibble on the peas every now and then, but the damage is never overwhelming. 

Birdy blue... comes for water and insects

Not exactly pretty but rather interesting creatures.

Yellow Billed Stalk

Last but not least, the clowns in the circus, the Hornbills. 

Next time a look at the actual veggies.....

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