Monday, July 25, 2011


Just to add some color to a cloudy and rainy day.

Raining again, but this time it is extremely welcome, you see, we ran out of water. We have been using rainwater since we got here, but we ran out and then found out that the pump to the borehole is on strike, might have been for a while.  So we where without water, no fun I tell you. The reality is that anybody that has ever lived on a farm or small holding and  was depending on borehole water, will sympathize with this situation, the things are costly and fickle and always lets you down at the worst of times.  

We (Melissa, David, Riaan and myself) decided that we need to do a rain dance.  That was on Friday night, by Sunday it was pouring, it is still pouring, I am starting to wonder if we did not overdo the dancing a bit. We made a big fire in the fire circle, played drums and danced like crazies, why not, we had nothing to loose. 

Gratitude in advance is the most powerful creative force in the universe.. This dancing for rain again made me realize the power of gratitude. I actually called the dance a "thank you" dance, because "thank you" creates acceptance and gratitude and we got the rain we asked for! While "please" creates a need or a want  -  a Very small change in words, but a very powerful shift in mind.  So the ritual of dancing was great fun, but the real creative power lies in the thoughts. 

It might also have been pure luck, because the Weather services did predict rain for Monday...

Tim testing the waters...

We might soon have to do the "sunshine" dance, if it carries on raining like now... Tim just told us that our low water bridge is under water, so we are going nowhere today. Nobody seems to mind, accept that we are waiting for some new guests, a couple with four children, they are going to stay in one of the other houses on the property. I guess we will see them as soon as access is possible.

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