Wednesday, August 3, 2011


 I know all about the Illuminati and greed and reptilians and 911 and so the list goes on....all thanks to Facebook and other Social Media.
I also know that the conspiracy theory can very well be the conspiracy.  There are just so many contradictions and theories, some of them downright silly (you have to wonder what they are tripping on), while others are very scary and others are well researched and informative.

Does illuminate exist?  More than likely yes, but  greed is the real problem, so I think there are  lots of  "Illuminati's", like  Nestle, Coke, Federal Reserve, Royals etc. Any group or company where it is all about profit for the few at the cost of everybody and everything else, is just plain wrong, but we cannot really blame anybody but ourselves.  As long as you keep on supporting (by buying/using) their product you are feeding the greed and you are as much to blame as the greedy corporate families. Put your money where your mouth is, there is  seriously no point in shouting and screaming, yet you keep on supporting this system, that is nuts.

The fact is that this system we currently have is bound to fail, it is based on an endless supply of natural resources, which we do not have and this capitalistic system needs for you to buy buy buy, through away and buy buy buy some more, they need your money to exist, stop giving it to them.

I do not, however think we need to worry to much about  mother earth, she  is quite capable of looking after herself. She is being patient.

Bottom line, I don't  worry to much about the evil Illuminati and their little plans, by doing that you only feed the fear.  Worry more about what is going on in your own head, what are you creating, for yourself and for the collective?

Then there are all the end of time/end of the world theories going around, and we see all the "signs" and again we fear. Very wrong thing to do, you attract what you fear.

One question -   are there really more disasters and wars or are we just more aware of them? The Japan earth quake is only the  8th biggest on record, there was a much bigger one in the late 1960's in Chile, for example and  the Black plague killed Millions, in the  1800's etc. etc., but we did not have Internet and 24 hour news channels to feed the fear. Fact is we mostly had no idea what was happening in a neighboring country, much less the other side of the world.

But that being said, I am convinced there are bigger forces at work, like a shifts in our axis toward a different kind of energy and you will either be able to adapt to this new energy, or you will perish. 

All you need is love. Not the false face version, but genuine unconditional love and hating and blaming the Illuminati for everything is not going to get you there.......... you will only end up perishing with them and their dark energies.

We must also remember that we are co-creating all the time and yes change is very necessary, but does it have to happen the hard way? Only if that is what we as a collective want. I am creating a peaceful, loving and easy transition, what are you creating for us ? 

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