Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Maxi and Dharma (Maxi is the small one)

Home alone, me and Maxi and Dharma howling outside, looking for Niki. Maybe I am not that alone, the whole zoo is here to keep me company.

It seems like we are going to stay in Lucky and Lua’s place. This is all a bit of an upset and not part of the original plan. 

They do not want us to pay them rent, but they need a kitchen. We will built them a kitchen, maybe even before we move in, which will be in about a month and a half. There is water, but no sink etc.  This will then also be our first experience in building with natural materials, mostly wood but also some cob. I am busy working on the layout, how to make it nice and where to put what etc. That reminds me, I need to put some sort of agreement on paper. That is still a good thing, even within a community setup, the fact is people misunderstand each other or forget what they said, not on purpose, but it does happen, therefore it remains a good idea to get an agreement in writing. No lawyers required.

Riaan and I are “babysitting” for Anne and Tim; actually we are babysitting their grandchildren, which they are babysitting. They had to go to Hogsback. The “babies” are actually eight year old twin boys. Double trouble. Riaan and the two on them went to the beach. Where were suppose to go for a picnic near the Bamboo bush, but I got outvoted and I do not feel like the beach today.


We are expecting two Volunteers to arrive today. Jenna left two days ago, but before she left I got a haircut, a much needed hair cut! This lady has so many talents.

Two things that really changed the world, the “invention” of fire and the invention of the wheel, now the 3rd one is happening, it is the information highway/Internet. It is changing the world in a big way. It is super fast communication and information from and to anywhere on the planet and it is not that expensive. It is starting revolutions.

Interesting to try and make sense out of the whole OWB (Occupy Wall Street and all). It was started because of the internet and social networking sites like face book and twitter. I do not have TV, so I do not really know what the mainstream media is saying about it, or if they are saying much.  I can, however tell you that it is all over social media. I do actually get CNN on face book, but they do not seem to be giving the Occupy movement much attention. 

I did come across one article in a website called Business Insider, they are sort of middle of the way not totally mainstream. This article actually makes a bit of a joke out of the whole movement. They took a picture of the crowd in front of Wall Street and you can see the protesters, one, with a coke in the one hand, newest iPod/pad, whatever in the other and a pair of Nike’s on the feet, they are still wearing the brand made by the companies they want to oust.  How much easier can it get, STOP BUYING THEIR STUFF! I have to scream that, because so few people seem to get this, their money is their power; they get their money from you, because you buy their products.  Stop giving it to them.

That being said, the occupy movement is a good thing, in the sense that it is creating awareness in a big way, via social media.

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